‘Why Do We Overeat When All We Want To Do Is Be Slim?’ – Zoe Harcombe

by frou22

There is something about New York that makes the average woman feel desperately inadequate. I am someone who is definitely overweight, and at this point in my life, I am determined to do something about it. I don’t currently have the budget to join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or buy myself the finest proteins in order to completely cut out carbs, but I am 100% behind my decision to make a change.

Perhaps my need to write this post is also down to the fact that the nationwide broadcast of Miss America (Miss New York totally won!) has obliterated my self esteem and made me realize what I am up against in this world. Is it a true basis for comparison? Absolutely not. Has it given me a kick up the proverbial ass to get started on my own image? Definitely.

Miss America

For the past few years, I couldn’t tell you how many discussions me, my mother and my sister have had about our waistlines. We all theorize about what we should be doing but somehow we can’t translate that to stop reaching for those white chocolate truffles, pringles or perfectly golden french fries. It’s a simple logic to lose weight, one that should be obvious to the masses: EAT LESS AND MOVE MORE. So why don’t we?


I read a great article the other day entitled ‘Why do we overeat when all we want is to be slim?’ For some reason, this resounded with me more than hearing the most recent celebrity diet craze (I am not about surviving on kale and lemon juice..). I’m not promoting the Harcombe diet  as I genuinely do believe weight loss has to be a lifestyle change not a desire to drop 50 lbs in a matter of days; instead, I really thought about what that question meant for me. If I so desperately want to be slim, why do I keep stuffing my face?