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"New York Is The Only Real City" – Truman Capote

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“Only You Can Shape Your Future!”

For anyone that needs a little lift now and again, self-belief can take you a long way.

“Now Joblessness Isn’t Just For Philosophy Majors” – Kent Brockman

On the New York employment scene, I have one pet peeve – the recruitment company. When one makes numerous online applications (I have made approx. 600 since the middle of last year) one’s resume is of course, likely to be picked up by recruitment coordinators surfing the internet for fresh meat…


I have been picked up by 2 of these companies, the first a few months ago held high hopes. I was called in by the fashion department and I went in feeling positive about the outcome; I had hoped that they would assist me in getting my dream job, but that isn’t quite how it all went down…

My arrival 15 minutes prior to my appointment time certainly wasn’t long enough to fill out the 5 pages of paperwork which required 3 forms of ID and knowledge of my blood type. I was kept waiting for about 45 minutes only to be seen by a slew of people all not quite knowing what to do with me. Business cards were thrown at me like I was collecting a deck but no one could quite give me anything concrete to go on. I was complimented on my resume, reprimanded for only have 2 forms of ID and then sent on my merry way…

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