“England & America Are Two Countries Separated By The Same Language” – George Bernard Shaw

First up, full disclosure: I am not from the United States, I am from the United Kingdom – yes, the land of tea, crumpets and the Queen.

The Queen
People know about the ‘special relationship’ between the United States of America and the United Kingdom. However, since moving here, I am starting to think this is a far cry from reality. Sure, America might count on British support at a G8 summit here or there, but this is where it seems to end. Out here I am almost a novelty, people never stop chuckling at the way I talk and I have been asked many times if I have high tea with HRH the Queen of England herself.

Proving yourself as a Brit abroad certainly isn’t the easiest.  I have been questioned at job interviews about my residency status (fair enough), the potential for sponsorship requirements (obviously) but also whether I am homesick and really do love tea (huh?).

After having great internships where people don’t really mind why you’re here due to their transient nature, the difficulty is crossing over into full time work. If anyone tells you that your accent will work a treat at getting you that job you want, they are fibbing. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears – quite literally if you’re trying to be in the PR industry…