“One Belongs To New York Instantly, One Belongs To It As Much In 5 Minutes As In 5 Years”

A quote from Tom Wolfe that seems to display the unique and capturing nature of New York. I moved here a little over a year ago now, roughly 14 months but specifics seem unimportant. I think I have learnt more about myself in the last year than I did in my developing years of High School or the 3 life-altering, binge drinking years of university.

It may well seem a little odd to read the above statement and think that it could even possibly be true, but it is. I spent my first 5 minutes in New York City in a mix of panic and excitement and that hasn’t changed down the line. Each and every day is challenging, but that feeling of excitement now seems to overrule the one of panic…

This blog is my way of mapping out what I have achieved, why I came here and to some extent, why I still want to be here. Hopefully you can laugh along with me at the sublime and the ridiculous but yet come to understand what I mean when I say it is not always easy. I am not a pretentious person, I won’t try to preach at you that you should move here in an instant, but I will share with you why I perhaps now, do belong to New York.