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"New York Is The Only Real City" – Truman Capote

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“After A Good Dinner One Can Forgive Anybody, Even One’s Own Relatives” – Oscar Wilde

Possibly one of my favorite things about New York City is the sheer amount of eating out that occurs. Many New Yorkers have little understanding of that room some call the kitchen, and people have been known to use an oven as storage.

With some 24,000 restaurants in the city, there are so many good spots to choose from, so consider this a regular post I will make. As quite a foodie myself, I take great pleasure in good food, and these posts will be a little insight into some of my favorite places. I won’t bombard you with suggestions, merely make a few at a time…

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“Everybody Ought To Have A Lower East Side In Their Life” – Irving Berlin

When I first moved to New York I had no idea where was cool to live, where was cheap or where was overpriced for what it was. Somehow, I ended up on the Lower East Side, right on Delancey Street and it was the perfect fit. I won’t lie and tell you it was the deal of a lifetime, but for someone who had little geographical grasp of New York as a city, it was amazing and suited me to the core.

77 Delancey St

Dive bars on every corner (trust me – finding $4 beers in NYC is a bargain!), the most amazing $1 dumplings at Vanessa’s, and unique boutiques and vintage stores make this area what it is – the ultimate watering hole for people in their early twenties.