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"New York Is The Only Real City" – Truman Capote

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“The World Needs To Stop Being Boring, Boring Is Easy, Anybody Can Be Boring” – Kid President

Sometimes everyone needs a pep-talk to realize that they can rather than they can’t…

“I Think It’s Healthy For A Person To Be Nervous. It Means You Care – That You Work Hard & Want To Give A Great Performance” – Beyonce Knowles

Having now done the hardest hurdle and actually gotten myself a full time, salaried job, I find myself absolutely terrified about starting said job tomorrow morning. However, so many people have told me that nerves are a good thing; it would be more worrying if in fact I wasn’t nervous and felt overly-confident about what I’m doing.

I don’t want it to sound like I am completely clueless and blagged myself a job, it isn’t like that. Instead, it’s more like ‘sure, my internships have prepared me for this’, but now instead of someone else being accountable for me making a mistake it’s all on me.


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A Relationship Isn’t Going To Make Me Survive. It’s The Cherry On Top” – Jennifer Aniston

Ever since my move to New York, friends I’ve made here and friends from back home constantly grill me about my love life and the boys.. or men? I have met out here. Why don’t I have a boyfriend, who am I sleeping with etc etc…

Do I meet a lot of guys? Sure. Do I want to date any of them? Not right now.. This might sound utterly ridiculous for someone in their early twenties, when all you should be doing is dating and attempting to meet the man of your dreams. However, for me right now, I want to focus on what I want for my career. It is just too stressful to deal with the ups and downs and rejections of trying to find a stable entry-level job, without adding relationship drama to the mix.


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