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"New York Is The Only Real City" – Truman Capote

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“I Drink Diet Coke From The Minute I Get Up To The Minute I Go To Bed” – Karl Lagerfeld

Okay so although I am not advocating that one takes direct inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld here, I wanted to share one of my little diet tips with you.

Diet Coke1

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“Halfway Through A BluePrintCleanse & No Longer Feeling Like I Ate A Goodyear Blimp & Washed It Down With Cement” – Olivia Wilde

Okay so as my last post was about my weight-loss epiphanies and such traumas to get me kick-started, I thought I would post about how I actually went about getting in ‘diet mode’. I am someone who struggles with weight loss, I normally get myself motivated for a week or two and then decide it’s all too much, get drunk with my friends and binge on pizza. However, I cannot stress enough – this time, I am determined to make a difference.


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“There Is More Sophistication & Less Sense In New York Than Anywhere Else On The Globe” – Elbert Hubbard

New York is an odd place in the sense that people here seem to be so sophisticated one minute and the exact opposite 5 minutes later. I could count numerous times where I’ve witnessed people in restaurants or bars brag that they are working on one of the biggest lawsuits or corporate deals to their friends, and the next minute they have completely missed their stool, tanked on the floor and I have the biggest urge to burst out laughing.

No lie – this really happened to me this evening and the best thing was, the woman in question, lay on the floor for a few minutes, absorbed her humiliation then got up and carried on her business conversation.


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