“I Drink Diet Coke From The Minute I Get Up To The Minute I Go To Bed” – Karl Lagerfeld

by frou22

Okay so although I am not advocating that one takes direct inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld here, I wanted to share one of my little diet tips with you.

Diet Coke1

Diet Coke is quite literally the saving grace to my diet cravings; if you ever find yourself wanting or needing something sweet but know you will hate yourself if you divert from your diet plan, crack a can of Diet Coke and sip slowly. Although we all know that soda is not good for us – we ‘modern kids’ were all told our horror stories of aspartame – Diet Coke gets me through those really tough times.

Diet Coke

So take some inspiration from Karl – and perhaps a little from me, and see if Diet Coke could get you over those hurdles that are your sugar cravings on a daily diet basis.

P.s. If it helps – remember Diet Coke is oh so fashionable with its collaboraitons with Karl, Jean Paul Gaultier and it’s latest creative director, Marc Jacobs.

Diet Coke 2