“Halfway Through A BluePrintCleanse & No Longer Feeling Like I Ate A Goodyear Blimp & Washed It Down With Cement” – Olivia Wilde

by frou22

Okay so as my last post was about my weight-loss epiphanies and such traumas to get me kick-started, I thought I would post about how I actually went about getting in ‘diet mode’. I am someone who struggles with weight loss, I normally get myself motivated for a week or two and then decide it’s all too much, get drunk with my friends and binge on pizza. However, I cannot stress enough – this time, I am determined to make a difference.


Enter BluePrint Cleanse; unlike the quote would suggest, I am not half way through, I am on the other side – I do not recommend blogging half way through, you may find yourself on a hate-filled rant. No, instead I tried, I tested and want to share my thoughts:

BluePrint is a funny idea, currently all the rage in New York. You get juice delivered to your door, 6 a day for how many days you chose to do (maximum is 6). I chose to do a hearty but achievable effort of 3 days. So, all 18 juices were hand delivered to my door by a BluePrint staff member and by 9am the next morning I was ready to go.


Now, as a carb-loving individual, I won’t lie. As much as I felt motivated that I wanted to try this, I was dreading it – especially as juice number one is ‘Green Juice’ – a concoction of spinach, kale, celery, cucumber, lemon, parsley, romaine and apple, a bagel it is not. So I managed to get it down and it wasn’t awful, it was by no means pleasant but it was manageable in about 30 minutes. One thing I will say, all the juices are somewhat dense and therefore where you might drink a soda or bottle of water in a matter of minutes, you do find yourself taking your time with these ergo, you aren’t hungry constantly.

So the next few juices came and went, juice 2 is a mix of pineapple, apple and mint, which was refreshing and a sweet relief from green juice, but then juice 3 brings an encore from the dreaded green and trust me, it doesn’t go down any easier the second time. Juice 4 is a knock-off of the master cleanse with lemon, water, cayenne and agave and juice 5 brings a spicy blend of beetroot, apple, carrot and ginger. The juicing day is rounded off with a cashew, milk, water, vanilla, cinnamon and agave almost milkshake, which really does feel like your treat for the day.

All Blue Print Cleanse flavors

So all in all, I survived 3 days and although there were some hunger pangs, they weren’t as bad as I thought they would be; for someone who is overweight and used to eating a lot, it is more the shock of not eating, not physically chewing anything.

In 3 days, I lost 7lbs which was great as I like to see results of my weight loss to keep me motivated. However, more than anything, it helped me re calibrate my eating patterns; where I had loved bread, pasta and other carb heavy meals, due to my smaller stomach, I couldn’t face those things. Instead I found myself craving salad or fruit, lighter meals and if I eat carby food late at night, I now feel nauseous.

Therefore, in conclusion to this yes, rather long-winded post, BluePrint – I thank you for helping me want to eat better and care more about what I put in my body and drop the lbs in a healthy way; the immediate weight loss was just a huge added bonus.