“Diets, Like Clothes, Should Be Tailored To You” – Joan Rivers

by frou22

So, I have recently had a sort of epiphany about my waistline, this accompanied by some real ‘tough love’ by my father over Easter vacation. I have to say, it is possibly one of the worst moments in your life when a parent sits you down and tells you that you are overweight, to the point where you really need to do something about it; but what makes it 10 times worse, is when you know that they’re right.

I have known for some time that I am overweight; I can’t wear the clothes I long to and I always feel like the odd one out in my group of friends – a feeling deemed ‘fat b**** on the end’ by my sister. My family have battled weight gain brought on by emotional eating for years so now I want to do something to change that.


The way I see it , Summer officially begins on June 21st which gives me 10 and half weeks to make a big difference to the way I look. As someone who’s pure weakness is carbs, I have to focus on eating leaner, protein heavy meals and learn to snack on fruit, nuts and other natural foods. It’s completely possible – we all know the formula: EAT LESS, MOVE MORE.

So over the next few weeks, bear with me as my blog may take focus on my diet; but I do this to write about what other people feel embarrassed about. Our weight is something we all struggle with so let’s laugh through it together – it beats crying over being hungry right?!

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