“The Difference Between Style And Fashion Is Quality” – Giorgio Armani

by frou22

Consider this little quote from Giorgio the start of me weighing in on the current street-style debate. The phenomenon of fashion bloggers and those photographed for their street style has gotten carried away on it’s own momentum; we live in a time where everybody assumes they can be a fashion blogger and matter to the fashion editorial world just like that, the same applies for street-style kids thinking they are models.

Gone are the days of pure fashion editorial, instead we are subjected to the realms of Instagram hash-tags such as #WIWT (what I wore today) #OOTD (outfit of the day) – are we now congratulating people on getting dressed for the day?


Street style photographers – and yes here I look to people like Scott Schuman – should be considered the Dr. Frankenstein’s of our generation. Although this may sound harsh, they have bred a wave of young people that think we all want to see their size 0 frame wearing the latest trends and where they chose to use their AMEX that day. I understand that some people have great style, flawless to the point where they make it look effortless – I’d just prefer to not look at it on every social media platform every day.