“I Think It’s Healthy For A Person To Be Nervous. It Means You Care – That You Work Hard & Want To Give A Great Performance” – Beyonce Knowles

by frou22

Having now done the hardest hurdle and actually gotten myself a full time, salaried job, I find myself absolutely terrified about starting said job tomorrow morning. However, so many people have told me that nerves are a good thing; it would be more worrying if in fact I wasn’t nervous and felt overly-confident about what I’m doing.

I don’t want it to sound like I am completely clueless and blagged myself a job, it isn’t like that. Instead, it’s more like ‘sure, my internships have prepared me for this’, but now instead of someone else being accountable for me making a mistake it’s all on me.


I have reached a point where after months of trying, I will have a title, a work email address, a desk space – everything I’ve wanted (you miss the smaller personal things when you intern) but there is still an unexpected element. I have yet to be introduced to the clients, will they like me? Are they demanding? Will I ever have a social life?

These are all the questions that spin around my head but I guess the stranger part is for every doubt I have, I have an answer. Will they like me? If I do a good job, then why wouldn’t they. Are they demanding? Possibly but you can handle demanding. Will I ever have a social life? Who knows, but you’re job is about relationships, it can be your social life.

Taking a page from Beyoncé, it is Super Bowl Sunday after all, I think there’s something to what she says – nerves reassure us that we are human, that we can do it but we work that much harder to prove it. At the end of the day, I’d rather be nervous and care than overly confident and careless.