“A Lot Of Students Say They Want To Get Into Fashion PR But Have The Perception That It Is All Wild Parties During Fashion Week” – Alison Lowe

by frou22

I think it is SO necessary to highlight that a career in PR, whether fashion or whatever else, means dedicating your life to someone else or something else. It is no longer just about you, it is about managing and promoting a brand; you have to put all your energy into getting the best results for your client above yourself. This is what PR is, this is what it means; we do not all hang out gossiping in our cubicles, going to fashion shows and hanging out at the best nightclubs.

PR has some of the best perks, and it has a glamorous side to the outside world, but most PR works occurs behind the scenes and I want to put this across, the perks come at the cost of hard work and that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Throughout my university years in the UK through to my interning days in New York City, I have met so many young girls just like me who claim to want to be in ‘fashion marketing’ or ‘fashion PR’ just because it sounds cool. I blame TV shows like ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’ for making it seem like every young twenty-something can wake up one morning, say they want to work in PR, and walk into Vogue just like that. Wake up ladies, it is NOT like that…

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