“Slavery Has Evolved, It’s Called Unpaid Internships..” – Anonymous

by frou22

New York is the city of great internships – whatever field of interest you may have, there is an internship you can do for college credit or to build your resume. However, no one quite tells you about the entrapment quality to these internship ‘programs’ especially in the fashion world.


There comes a point in every fashion intern’s life where you want to progress into the ever elusive full time job, but the problem is when you’ve been interning for so long, people come to believe you should intern for life. This leads into my current dilemma, I have interned at 2 major fashion houses, an events website, 2 major fashion/lifestyle PR agencies and people seem to still suggest I should intern…

Countless times I have been on interviews where the position I’ve gone for has already been filled and they’d like to suggest I be put forward for the unpaid internship program. Great, but I need to pay my bills too!

I fully support internships in these industries to give you the foot off the ground that you need to be noticed, but when you’ve continually interned and had great feedback, the time comes to take a stand and move onward and upward. So please New York, please stop overlooking your great interning workforce and give them the recognition that has been earned.