“In Interviews You Learn More About Yourself Than The Person Learns About You” – William Shatner

by frou22

Interviewing on the New York fashion scene is a funny thing, it can go one of two ways. You can be met with the harsh fashion executive who is straight down to business whilst giving you a glacial glare implying that you bore them; or you can be met with the overly peppy fashionista who thinks you are ‘just great’ and says how great it is that you could come in and hopes you have a great day.

More often than not I have been met with the first half of these interviewers, the ones that makes you want to run away screaming. However, in order to get a job, I am obviously going to have to be interviewed. So, I pull it together, rehearse my perfected personal statement and brace myself…


Tomorrow marks a day of interviews for me, however, against popular conventions of meeting face to face, one will be over the phone and one will be via Skype. Both were described as preliminary which implies that in the current market you apparently must be interviewed in order to determine if you are a suitable candidate for interview. Wonderful.


A PR assistant at one of my internships once gave me the advice to go on as many interviews as possible, whether you want the job or not. Interviews, just like exams, can be aced or failed, if you revise for an exam, you’re more likely to do better and the same logic applies to interviews. The more you know how to talk about yourself, the more likely you can convince someone as to why you are perfectly suited to that position.

I will say for sure in New York, if you don’t hear back from people who say they will be in touch, grab the bull by the horns and follow up with them. Stay with your most well-mannered self and in the politest way possible push them for feedback. It’s always difficult to improve when you don’t know where you’re going wrong – it will sting to hear but, if like me, you need to pay your rent, it’s all for a worthy cause…