“As For New York City, It Is A Place Apart. There Is Not Its Match In Any Other Country In The World” – Pearl S. Buck

by frou22

New York is one of the most unique places in the world but this is perhaps, down to it’s inhabitants – New Yorkers.  I have been asked a lot about the people I meet over here and I really have met all sorts…

New Yorkers

Prior to moving here I didn’t really know how to recognize a New Yorker, but now, I could pick one out of a line up. They are go-getters, ball breakers, fitness freaks, style icons, fierce arguers, passionate defenders and overall, completely in love with the city they call home. I would go as far as saying most New Yorkers believe that life starts with the Hudson River and ends with the East River.

New York seems to normalize the oddest behaviors,  no one bats an eyelid at the odd person screaming in the street or the guy in costume on public transport – it’s just an everyday thing. I would say that New Yorkers have been weathered by their surroundings just like nature is weathered by the elements.